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We Make Alternate Reality Games.

We are Gichi Gami Games. Gichi Gami Games are an Alternate Reality Game Studio and GichiGamiGames.com is an Alternate Reality Game Website.

We are a game development studio but we do not make traditional 'video games'. Our games are unusual as they most likely are either text-based or they are what is called an ARG - an alternate reality game. In some cases our games require you to read. In some cases our games require you to use Google. NO:MLIAOI. In other cases our games play by themselves and you just have to be "lucky" enough to come across one, playing quietly on its own.

Below are some games we have developed. If the link is not there, it is because we would like for you to find it on your own:

You Play This Game In Your Head - "In this alternate reality game a game developer has gone missing and the only way to find him is to decipher clues from his blog, a SEGA Mega Drive Rom he was working on, and comments he made on a podcast the day before he disappeared."

A Life Once L05T - "A girl admits to a terrible crime on Facebook and one of her Facebook friends is the victim. Can you figure out who she killed in this thrilling alternate reality game?"

The Tamam Shud - "Based on the real life unsolved crime this text-based work of interactive fiction is playable as a Sega Genesis rom and is hidden somewhere on the web."

Gavos - The World - "An unscripted ARG involving two friends who communicate via Twitter about an upcoming cataclysmic event that was predicted by a children's TV program."

Come Forever - "A personal account of a young woman who spends her entire existence - 24 hours a day - flirting with strangers online. Powered by an AI bot this experimental alternate reality game involves understanding the criteria for which she is attracted to someone."

You Give Me Nightmares - "An IRL ARG in which a paid individual shows up at the same place every day and re-enacts the same scene while someone simultaneously live-Tweets WTBIMPANETP, the actions."

The Lost Way Home - "A child must find the way home with an animated road sign companion that talks to it, telling it lies."

Do Babies Cry Louder Than Animals? - "Where am I?"

The Darkest Timelines - "In a progressive country a nearly braindead maniac is elected President, setting the country back decades."

This Site.

This site serves as a landing page for our Alternate Reality games, but in fact, it itself is an Alternate Reality Game. The first person that can solve our Alternate Reality Game wins $500 in Amazon gift cards.